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Top 10 things to do in Bali

Updated: Mar 25

Bali is an insanely popular and beautiful island with so much to do!

Here were my top 10 favorite things from the 2 months I spent exploring the island!

(in no particular order)

  1. KelingKing beach, Nusa Penida

The infamous beach I am sure you've seen all over your feed numerous times, all I have to say is its popular for a reason.

This is to this day the most beautiful beach I have ever seen/been too. I went at sunset and all though there were 100+ people at the top, the bottom was absolutely empty!

The hike down looks frightening but it is one of the most fun adventures and so rewarding once you reach the bottom!

There's a tiny entrance fee to the beach, around $0.20 last time I went (2022)

2. NungNung falls

NungNung falls has grown popularity since I went to Bali in 2022 and for good reason.

This waterfall is truly one of the best I have seen out of countless waterfalls all around the world.

The jungle surrounds you and even covers the sky above making for the coolest feeling when being there.

I went around 10am and only 2 other people were there!

We spent hour around this waterfall, it is insanely worth it to go to and a super easy motorbike ride from Ubud or Canggu!

3. Mt. Batur volcano sunrise hike

This hike ended up being one of our best experiences in Bali!

You wake up around 1am and depart from Ubud or Canggu to Mt. ! We drove ourselves on our motorbike but most tours include pickup in a van!

You arrive around 3am and begin the hike at the base of the volcano!

No matter what time of year you go, be prepared that it is FREEZING going up the volcano and freezing at the top!

Most tour companies have the option to buy a big jacket when you arrive at the volcano, I paid around $4 USD for a giant parka (and im so glad I did)

The hike was intermediate difficulty, there were people of all ages (6-80yo) climbing the volcano!

4. Snorkel tours

Bali has incredible snorkeling all around the island!

We went snorkeling in Nusa Penida as well as Serangan!

Nusa Penida has the best snorkeling aside from Gili islands (in my opinion)

The best is the Manta ray snorkeling on Penida, unfortunately we didn't get to go to Manta Bay because of the weather, and ive heard its closed often but its definitely worth it to try and go!

5. Surfing in Canggu

Canggu is a hot spot for surfing and also happens to be a great place for first-timers to give it a go!

There are heaps of surf instructors right on the sand with boards ready to go!

In 2022, a board rental costed us around $0.50 USD for 2 hours and a lesson was around $5-10 USD for 2 hours!

Surfing in Canggu is a blast and such a fun way to experience the ocean in a way many locals in Bali do!

There are also often surf competitions on the beach in Pererenan and they are so fun to watch if you happen to catch one!

6. Explore Ubud

Other than waterfalls, Ubud isn't known for much BUT getting a motorbike and driving deep into Ubud and past it was one of the best things I did in Bali!

It allows you to step away from the hustle and bustle of Bali and see areas still consumed solely by locals and not effected by modernization!

I would say this is one of the best ways to explore Bali, and for the most part the locals love meeting you!

7. Monkey forest

The monkey forest in Ubud was one of my favorite pit stop !

Although this place is super popular, we found it by accident on our drive home from NungNung falls!

It is a great place to pit stop and hang with some monkeys and have them crawl on you!

This forest is super ethical, the monkeys aren't touched unless they choose to jump on you and they are not forced to stay in this area or be here!

8. Diamond beach, Nusa Penida

This beach might be my second favorite in all of Bali!

Diamond beach is again, insanely popular but so insanely beautiful!

It is a super easy drive from anywhere on Penida and has the most stunning views. Unlike Kelingking beach it is pretty easy to get down to the sand, but expect a crowd unless you go early in the morning. This is a VERY popular beach to stop at!

9. Green Bowl beach, Uluwatu

Uluwatu is a amazing region on Bali that is surrounded by the most gorgeous beaches and incredible surf!

Uluwatu has many amazing beaches such as Padang beach, Bingin beach, Sultan beach, and Greenbowl beach!

This is green bowl beach!

It is a super fun spot to swim around and watch the locals fish!

10. Drive aimlessly and explore

All of Bali is amazing and renting a motorbike and exploring with no destination may be the best thing you can do!

We spent countless days driving for hours and stopping around wherever we wanted for cool views and local shops!

Bali has so much natural beauty that you can find anywhere on the island by simply driving around until you see something you want to stop for!

We found this abandoned swing which led to an amazing waterfall and had beautiful views!

Hope you got some fun ideas from my recommendations in Bali!

Checkout my other Bali blog posts for more ideas such as waterfalls, beaches, etc.



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