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Top 10 things to do in Tanzania

Tanzania is one of my new favorite countries! We spent over a month exploring which was sadly cut short by a motorbike accident BUT luckily we got to see many amazing places that are now at the top of my lists soooo here are my absolute favorites!!!

1. Materuni Falls

Starting off STRONG! Tanzania has SO MANY insane waterfalls that no one explores because most people only go for Mt. Kilimanjaro or a safari and miss out on rural and real Tanzania which has SO MUCH beauty!

How to get there:

Getting to Materuni is tricky, there's not any tourism in Moshi other than for Kilimanjaro so unless you want to book an $150 tour to the waterfall, here's what you do!

Either get your own motorbike OR hail one on the side of the road and pay them to drive you to the village of Materuni or ask them if they'll take you to the waterfall!

Once you arrive HEAPS of people will scream "Materuni" at you as you walk by which is them offering a tour, so say yes!

We paid our guide around $15 total! The waterfall is nearly impossible to get to without one unfortunately but it's nice to explore with a local!

This waterfall was beyond anything I could ever imagine!

2. Safari (obviously lol) budget one

We almost didn't take a safari because they were all SO EXPENSIVE but we found one that was $350 USD per person ALL inclusive which is unheard of for safaris in Tanzania!

We slept in a cute igloo with a nice bed and outlets & wifi!

All meals were provided, all transport was provided and all of the amazing tours were included!

We did a 3 day 2 night itinerary with Ngorongoro crater, Tarangire park & Lake Manyara park!

All three locations were INSANE we saw 10+ lions right next to our truck, 100's of elephants, 100's of zebras, rhinos, hippos, giraffes and more!!

We booked with focus in Africa! If you want to book DM me and I will share their what's app #!

3. Hot springs in Moshi

Moshis little local secret are the Kikuletwa hot springs which are SO INSANELY BEAUTIFUL!!!

How to get there:

They were interesting to drive to, we rented a motorbike and drove ourselves and 50% of the drive was through a very local & rural village, which we personally loved exploring but if you don't feel comfortable driving yourself you can call a cab and they'll take you for around $10 USD


There was a small entrance fee for the springs, it was around $5 USD per person to enter, for full day entry! We went a little earlier in the day so it wasn't crowded, but when we left around 2pm it started to get very busy!

The water was so warm and clear and the springs went on forever! There was so much space to swim & jump in, it was so much fun and way better than I expected!

There were rope swings near the front of the springs and a huge pool are you could jump in, there was also a little water valley you could swim through that takes you to a quieter large pool that had no one in it!

4. Ndoro waterfall

This waterfall was INSANE and way cooler than I expected!

We went during rainy season so it was ALOT bigger than normal but rainy szn is only December & January!

How to get there:

This waterfall is a pretty easy drive from Moshi town. We drove on our motorbike but again, you could easily ask a bike taxi to take you up there and they will!!

It was around 40 mins out of Moshi town!


The entrance fee was around $3 USD per person at the time we went! We went during rainy season in December so the waterfalls were MASSIVE and the rivers flowing from them were absolutely flooded with water!

Normally you can swim in the waterfall but we went in rainy season so it was too strong to even get near unfortunately!


To get down to the falls it was half trail and half stairs! It took around 15 minutes total to get to the bottom and was super easy! The way back up was a little harder because it was strait uphill but im an un athletic person and didn't have a hard time, it took 15 minutes!

5. Kilasiya falls

Another INSANE waterfall, just 10 minutes away from Ndoro falls is Kilasiya falls!

You get there the same way you do for Ndoro and there are many locals at the entrance to Ndoro who would drive you over here if you paid them to hitch onto their motorbike!


The man at the waterfall absolutely forced us to take a guide because it wad rainy season and he then tried to make us pay him $20 USD after telling us before going down that the guide was free and mandatory during rainy season, which we didn't believe but went with anyway! We did not pay him the money, we said no because he said it was free and then we left without and issue but beware of these guides saying they want money after telling you it is free!


The entrance fee for this waterfall was $6 USD per person


There was a trail/stairs down to the waterfall, it took around 10-15 minutes to get down too and the same to get back up! It wasn't a tough trail but it is all downhill!

6. Explore Zanzibar

Tanzania is home to one of earths most beautiful but super touristy islands; Zanzibar

Zanzi is a love hate island for me, it is INSANELY touristy but the beauty it holds still makes the visit worth it!

There are ways to do Zanzi for cheap, we stayed in 2 hostels; Greens Nungwi & Tamu Garden Paje! They were both amazing places to stay, with private rooms, AC and beautiful spaces!

Zanzibar is such a beautiful island with many rural places still left to explore, so don't worry about the overloaded amounts of tourism, you can still find rural Zanzibar and explore the island in peace!

The heat is BRUTAL though and the water is very very warm so beware of that, if you are heat sensitize you may have a love hate relationship with the island as well haha but finding those shady spaces on the beach make you feel a lot better!

7. Explore like a local

If you know me or follow me you know I love to travel on a budget and like a local!

I will always opt for local transport, staying in home stays and eating local street food over anything else!!

A great way to get to know Tanzania and the people, is to take local buses to your destinations! We had some amazing chats with locals on bus rides and had a great experience!

We took the bus from the airport to Arusha, a bus from Arusha to Moshi and a bus from Moshi to Dar!

I would recommend asking a local you see or the owner of your hostel if they have any friends who can show you local spots, you can pay them for taking you around which normally is around which is normally $10-15 USD depending how long they take you for!

It is a great way to learn more about a country and try some local food you may have never found on your own!

8. Drive around and explore!

Another way I ALWAYS recommend is to get a moped or hop on the back of someone else's and explore aimlessly!!!

You will find so many local stands, foods and amazing places you never would've before!

In my opinion, this is the best way to explore a country! You can hop off the moped and explore whatever you see that looks cool! You'll find food stalls in the middle of nowhere, random street markets and so many other cool things you will be so glad you found!

This is a great way to see things off the beaten path and really get into a country!

9. Explore with a local

We don't have the chance to do this everywhere we go but one of our favorite things to do is chat with locals for a while and ask them to take us to their favorite places!!

they're normally more than happy to explore with you and we obviously pay them afterward for showing us their beautiful home!!

Locals know all the best food spots, adventure spots and everything else in between, so it's the best way to make a friend and explore!

10. Hike!!

Luckily for the average person, Mount Kilimanjaro isn't the only hiking around Tanzania!

Around Mount Kilimanjaro there are some AMAZING hikes that take your throughout the beautiful jungle areas of Moshi!

Obviously mt. Kilimanjaro is an amazing hike and if your physically able, I think you should go for it but unfortunately I'm weak af and would have literally been deceased so I avoided it at all costs!

There are some amazing and beautiful places to see, especially in Moshi which is the city of Mt. Kilimanjaro! We found some amazing trails up in the jungle! Also, ask locals where good hikes are! They will point you to secret waterfalls and amazing jungle trails!

Overall, Tanzania is a great place to visit and one of my favorite countries I have been too! It is so diverse and has some of the most insane rural beauty I have ever seen!

Exploring Tanzania is something Im so grateful I got to do and somewhere I can't wait to go back and see!



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