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Ouzoud falls, Morocco - all you need to know

Ouzoud falls is one of the most unique waterfalls I have ever been too! Deep in the desert of Morocco, just 2 hours out of Marrakech, is one of the most amazing views in all of Morocco!

We did a day trip to Ouzoud and had an amazing time at this beautiful waterfall, we were 2 of 4 people there and met some amazing locals along the way!

If you want to visit Ouzoud - here's everything you need to know!

How to get there:

Ouzoud falls is in the middle of nowhere in Morocco!

There are two ways to get there:

  1. Hitchhike; this is extremely common in Morocco but not as common in Marrakech! You still might find someone to hitch a ride with to Ouzoud!

  2. Rent a car! We rented one from the Marrakech airport for the day for $25 USD! Which Is a great price for a car! We rented it for 24 hours and had a super easy time getting it all around Ouzoud, the roads to there are great!


Visiting Ouzoud falls is very affordable!

Other than the car, there aren't really any expenses! We filled the car with gas for $15USD for a full tank and then obviously paid for the car which was $25 USD for 24 hours rental!

We did not have to pay any entrance fee for the falls, which was shocking! We did however pay $0.50 to park near the falls!

There is also lots of food at the falls but its double the price of normal meals, if you drive 5 mins away from the falls, you will find cheap food!


On the walk down to the waterfall, there is an are with HEAPS of monkeys!

They are wild and not captive, it is just a little trial off the path into the trees where the monkeys live!

It is free to see them and they will jump on you so prepare for that! Don't try to pet them but if they approach you, let them! They won't hurt you!

The man by the monkeys wanted money but I didn't have cash so he didn't push for it, I don't see a reason to pay as he doesn't own the monkeys but if you feel the need to, go for it I guess!

Hike to the falls:

There is no hike to the falls, it is a flat trail to get there! From parking, you walk like 10 minutes down a sidewalk and then you reach the top of the waterfall!

From there you walk around 5-10 minutes down a trail and it will take you to the base of the falls where you can touch the water!

If there aren't many tourists there, you can swim but the water is FREEZING cold and it is normally not allowed.

Overall, Ouzoud falls makes for a GREAT day trip out of Marrakech and is something I would absolutely not miss if you visit Morocco! It is one of the most beautiful sights in the country and is something you will be glad you saw!



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